Things to remember on your first day of job Is today your first day on job? Things to keep in mind

Make a good introduction about yourself for a good first impression.

Attend the meeting at the scheduled time and make sure you greet everyone with a smile

Listen to all the instructions carefully to avoid errors. If you don't understand, ask.

When in doubt, make sure to communicate with seniors for clarity. Everyone knows it is your day One and you are bound to be clueless.

Don't panic, you can't understand or do, things easily when you panic. Remember you will learn things gradually.

Take things easy, don't try to learn everything on the first day of your job.

Try to have details about the company before joining so you at least know something about it.

Go through all the details they provide before starting the work for a better understanding.

If doing Work from Home, take care of the internet, and power beforehand to avoid last minute glitches.

If doing Work from Office, try to reach the office before the given time to avoid the hassle

Last but not the least, remember that only day one is the first day of the job. Very soon, you will be part of the team and you won't be as clueless as now.

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